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Hiroshi loves his family. Today he'll visit his sister Amaya in prison, but things don't go quite as they were planned when he leaves. The "who dunnit" aspect is the main focus of most detectives, for the people close to the victems the "why dunnit" may be more important. The past can't be changed but maybe Hiroshi and his family can learn to understand it. The comic will, for the biggest part, be in colour and it's made entirely traditionally.


» Speedpaint video

I made a speedpaint video of the cover page from chapter 3, there's a thorough explanation of the process available on patreon though!

Originally someone else was going to make a video, but I haven't heard anything from them since I posted the page. I figured I could just upload it myself now. I hope it helps someone ^u^

» updates?

Whatever happened to the updates? The answer is simple, Karlijn is drowning in school work. Updates will probably resume octobre the 12th, maybe a day or two later. Weekend is just an illusion, it does not excist for students. While some may enjoy the little freedom from the real life they have, I'll be studying or writing an essay on Andrea Mantegna's painting of St. George.

» What to do with Dis?

I've been a bit uncertain about Dis. Ever since I thought of it. I'm considering removing it from the story, now that we're not too far in yet. I could use the pages I've already made for another comic about Dis. Currently, I'm thinking maybe separating these two worlds may be the best option. There's a lot of characters already, why would I add any more of them? Besides, it's not absolutely necessary... Including it in the story means there'll be a ton of extra things, while I could just leave most of it out. I could go back to my original idea, in which I include 1-2 characters from Dis in the story... and leave the rest of them for another comic maybe? I'm afraid leaving it in will make the story too complicated, and with too many characters and relationships and stories and details.
*This could go on forever. Summary: I could scrap it. Should I though? It's probably best if I do. Maybe?*
I'll let you know if I decide to scrap it or not.

Update (yes, I've decided already): I'm going to scrap Dis out of Le Vite. Please pretend it never existed.

Also: exam tomorrow! Why can't I be a good student and study like I'm supposed to?

» no internet

Hi there~
Sorry for being inactive, I have finished works I'd love to upload, but I don't have any internet currently. I'm hoping this problem will be solved this week.

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