Characters in St. Phocas

Welcome to the lovely little town of St. Phocas!

Our town has always been a peaceful spot surrounded by nature. It is undisturbed by traffic and industry, an ideal place to grow up or grow old! There is plenty of opportunity for recreation in the forests surrounding our precious town or by the sea and river which frame the other side of St. Phocas. Only one main road leads to the nearby city called Andreasville, a lively place at a nice distance for your nights out and your day trips. We can assure you you will fall in love with our peaceful town, as many before you have! You are always welcome in St. Phocas!

In 1609 the few houses that were build in this spot became officially a town. St. Phocas, named after the saint, became prosperous due to its rich waters full of fish. Nowadays only hobbyists set sail on these waters.



Amaya Kurosawa

age: 16-17

birthday: November 3

eyes: brown

hair: black or dyed

Amaya is supposed to be in prison, but she escaped. Before she was sent to prison, she lived together with her parents and brother (Hiroshi). Her grandfather was Japanese, but he moved to be with his girlfriend (now his wife). Amaya's father married a Japanese woman, but he never moved back to Japan.

Amaya never cared for the town she grew up in, it was boring. Everyday was the same, except for Sundays, those were even more boring. The town is even inhabited by boring people. She was sure she would somehow change that.

trivial information:

- Amaya doesn't really have the opportunity to go shopping for clothes, so she just wears whatever is possible, if she could choose for herself, she would like to wear leather jackets, flannels, beanies, simply shirts and cropped tops. Her preferred style is comfy and a bit butch.

- She's allergic to bell pepper.

- Everyone else is an idiot, according to Amaya.

- Amaya is aromantic omnisexual.

- Amaya likes bands like Queens of the stone age, Metallica, Christian Death, and The dead Kennedys.



Bente Karlsson

age: 17

birthday: June 26

eyes: blue

hair: blonde

Bente lives together with her parents and twin sister (Ylva) but their parents are often at work. They live in a large house with an enormous garden, there are also a butler and a cleaning lady. Bente and her sister grew up in the safe environment of the rich district of St. Phocas. It isn't the most exciting town, but Bente likes it nonetheless. It's peaceful and quite beautiful and she has many friends here. Bente also owns a dog, Boomer. She is not very good at school, so she needs tutoring. In her spare time Bente likes sports, she often goes running with Boomer. Bente is quite popular, so she also likes to hang around with friends or to go shopping with them. Bente likes fashionable clothes, but she often wears sport clothes. She rarely wears skirts. Her mother and father moved away from Sweden when Bente was very little. Her mother's sister and her partner had moved a year before they did. They own an important company together.

trivial information:

- Bente believes in ghosts, she sometimes talks to them, she hopes her dead grandmother can hear her.

- Bente tends to talk to Boomer, she's a real chatty person. She talks to anyone, anywhere at any time. She also tends to smile at everyone who looks at her.

- She's almost always positive, not naive, but positive.

- Bente isn't really interested in music, but she likes to dance to pop music.

- Bente is a vegetarian.

- Bente is heterosexual, although she would be open to a relationship with a girl if she would happen to fall in love with one.



Hiroshi Kurosawa

age: 18

birthday: March 18

eyes: brown

hair: brown

Hiroshi lives with his grandparents in St. Phocas, and he goes to college by bus (he's a very serieus student, but not very smart). He studies history. His neighbours are nice, everyday people, but Hiroshi doesn't mind that there is no greatness or real ambition. Everyone is kind and laid-back. Hiroshi knows he should appreciate peace. He often helps his grandparents by gardening and walking the dog. His grandfather was Japanese, but he moved away to live with his girlfriend (now his wife), Hiroshi's father married a Japanese woman, but they never moved back to Japan. A lot of people like him, but he only has a few friends. He's good with other people, he reacts well when then get emotional, he's just really sweet most of the time. He can't lie, his emotions show really clearly on his face.

trivial information:

- Hiroshi likes to wear casual clothes, he's a serious person, and he doesn't want to waste time on things like shopping and fashion. It just doesn't interest him.

- Hiroshi visits his parents' grave every once in a while, he cleans the grave and he tells them what important things have happened to him to keep them imformed of his life.

- His favourite colour is green.

- Hiroshi really likes to listen to music by bands like Talking Heads, Muse and The red hot chili peppers, although his interest in music is much wider and he's okay with nearly anything.

- In his spare time, Hiroshi likes to play the guitar, but studying and his part time job as a waiter take up most of his time.



Miwako Clements

age: 15-16

birthday: September 30

eyes: blue, her red eye is a glass eye

hair: black

Miwako lived together with her parents and younger sister in a big house, her mother was a vet. One day Miwako and Chiya were playing in her practice, where Chiya died and Miwako lost her right eye. Miwako had to go live with foster parents. Her mother lost her job, and her father died in a car accident because he was drunk. Her foster familiy contains a father, a mother and a daughter, Lou, who was adopted. Miwako's grandfather is originally Japanese, but he moved away to live with his girlfriend. Miwako's friends are from all sorts of ethnicities, and she likes to go shopping with her female friends, she likes to wear unusual but nice clothes. She rarely wears trousers and any other type of shoe than boots. She's the sort of girl that's always looking for excitement, adventure and new connections. If none of those can be found in town, she'll get lost in some fictional world of a book. Her favourite sort of books are detectives, although she can appreciate a good fantasy story as well (preferrably with a crime in it).

trivial information:

- Tofu-Kozo is actually a stray cat wich started following her at some point. At first Miwako was a bit annoyed, but after a while she started calling it Tofu-Kozo and now she cares about it, even though she won't admit it.

- Miwako has a lot of friends and she likes to read in her spare time (she especially likes detectives).

- She has a hard time forgiving people for their mistakes. A mistake is a mistake, no matter the circumstances.

- Miwako really likes jazz, but she also likes bands like Absinth minded.



Noah Turner

age: 21

birthday: December 26

eyes: brown

hair: reddish brown

Noah grew up in the small town of St. Phocas, he did quite well in school, although he's far from a genius. He's serious and he works hard, he soon joined the police force. One may think there's little to do for a policman in such a small town, but that's not quite the case in St. Phocas! Noah is involved with the case of Amaya Kurosawa. The police department works together with the police in Andreasville, a bigger town not too far from St. Phocas.

trivial information:

- He's a really fast reader, IF (and that's very unlikely) he isn't working on a case, he's reading a good book.

- In summer he sometimes gets freckles.

- Work is really, really important to him, so he doesn't have many succesful friendships nor has he had any long or succesful relationships. He's a loyal friend and trustworthy, but his good reputation mostly comes from the work environment.

- Although he isn't tall, he's quite sporty and strong. He goes running before work.



Noriko Clements

age: 41

birthday: Februari 14

eyes: brown

hair: brown

Noriko had a beautiful life, she lived together with her husband and their two daughters in a big house and she had a job as a vet. But one day her daugthers were playing in another room of here practise, where her tools were. Her youngest daughter died and her oldest daugther lost an eye, the latter had to go live with foster parents after this. Noriko lost her job and her husband died in a car accident because of his excessive drinking. Noriko had to move to a smaller house in a not so very nice neigbourhood (where neighbour ladies gossip, kids try to be cool, some drugdealers hang around...) Noriko makes some money by doing illegal surgeries, but she mostly tries to make it with everyday jobs no one wants. She still struggles with her past and her current living conditions aren't helping her see the bright side of life. Noriko often imagines her youngest daughter is alive, but she knows Chiya is gone forever. Her father makes sure she sees a psychiatrist to help her get healthy again.

trivial information:

- She used to be a very serious person and a hard worker, now she's got too many things on her mind to function well.

- Noriko is a great cook, although she doesn't take the time to make a decent meal anymore.

- She doesn't listen to music much anymore, but she always liked bands like David Bowie, The police, The editors and Face tomorrow.



Ylva Karlsson

age: 17

birthday: June 26

eyes: blue

hair: blonde/white

Ylva lives together with her parents and twin sister (Bente) but their parents are often at work. They live in a large house with an enormous garden, there are also a butler and a cleaning lady. Ylva never cared much for St. Phocas, she just never fit in. Instead, she tries find her place elsewhere in the world. The people around her may not understand her, but she means well! Probably anyway. Who knows. Ylva is a mystery, probably even to herself. Ylva is very smart, she gets high grades but she skips class often. She sometimes disappears for several days to weeks, no one knows where she goes or what she does. Her parents and Bente worry, but they trust her, because she always returns and she seems to be alright. She likes to wear expensive, gothic clothes. Sometimes she hires someone to make something just for her, her parents have plenty of money anyway. Her mother and father moved away from Sweden when Ylva was very little. Her mother's sister and her partner had moved a year before they did. They own a important company together.

trivial information:

- Ylva's really introverted, and she has no friends. She doesn't really know how to handle other people's emotions.

- Bente is Ylva's twin sister, and she's very important for her.

- Ylva is confused, she doesn't really know what's important in life and she's reckless.

- Ylva likes new wave/gothic music, such as Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Cure, the Sisters of Mercy, Switchblade Symphony, Rosetta Stone...

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