8 facts about Miu

Miu and Pan

1. When Miu was little, about 5 years old, her mother left her and her dad to be with another man. They moved to the other side of the country, and Miu never saw her again. Miu resembles her mother very much. Miu and her father moved into a house in the woods, just outside of St. Phocas.

2. Her father felt very sad about her leaving, so he drowned his sorrow by spending all of his time at work. Although he cared very much for Miu, he needed to keep his mind occupied. He tried to make up for it by buying her a dog, which she named Pan, like the Greek god. At first Miu felt sad about him being around so little, but she got some close friends (including Hiroshi and her dog) with whom she spent a lot of time so she wasn't lonely anymore.

3. Because her dad got home late, Miu learned to cook well on a early age. She started with lots and lots of sweets.

4. Together with Pan, she explored the woods surrounding the house. She got to know them very well, which made her the queen of hide and seek, which Hiroshi found very frustrating at times.

5. Hiroshi was Miu's one and only love, she's never fallen for anyone else. At times, he maybe didn't really deserve her. She's always tried very hard to make everyone around her happy, some people took advantage of her while others took her for granted. At any rate, she was loved by all, except for Amaya of course. But she was creepy, a good thing she good arrested. Miu was always a bit scared of her.

6. Miu learned to play the flute. Of course she had to try to learn Pan how to dance to it, but he didn't have a lot of talent. She claimed he was dancing when he made those weird head movements, but Hiroshi didn't really think it convincing.

7. For work, Miu always wanted to help people. She was planning on being a nurse, or maybe a vet, or maybe she was going to help children... Why couldn't she do it all? Maybe she would just be a nurse and adopt 20 stray animals!

8. While Miu was very sweet and gentle, she absolutely wasn't naive. She knew what was going on in the world, but she didn't let it discourage her, in fact, she was very motivated to make the world a better place. The world could only be better if people were nice to each other. Miu was determined to make a difference.

But all of the dreams and big plans she had would never become reality.

Poor girl.





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